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Creating inspired spaces that embrace the spirit of cultures around the world.


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We provide creative direction, styling, and original art for professionals in the home goods and interior design trades.



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From one of a kind textiles to vintage beads and baskets, Tribe is our ethically sourced collection that strives to support and preserve heritage crafts.


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Whether it's developing designs for a recycled textile company or traveling the world to procure fair-trade fabrics for my local retail space, every project is rooted in honoring world traditions. I gravitate toward patterns and colors with a history. I truly value things made by hand.

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I create and source goods that celebrate traditional artisans from around the world.

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crafted, curated, collected.

"Sonal has off the charts style and a fearless knack for mixing pattern, color and texture with class and whimsy. It is such an inspiration to work with her, and her treasure-trove of goodies from around the world!"

— Lisa Gabrielson Design


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That time our home was in HGTV Magazine…

Pretty cool, right? We were beyond thrilled to have our home featured by HGTV. They are major champions of bold pattern and color, so it was a huge honor to see ourselves in their magazine. Here are all the fabulous shots from the article, plus my design notes. The Breakfast Nook Our breakfast nook is […]

When you get back from Hawaii and suddenly need more green in your life

The color of the year may be Classic Blue, but after ten days in the Hawaiian tropics…I want to cover every inch of my home in green. Plants and more plants, please! More is more is more. Traveling always gives me plant envy, and I love seeing the foliage that is unique to every place […]

Adventures with Indigo Dyeing

Indigo is by far my favorite natural dye to work with. It’s easy, it’s fun, and those beautiful blue hues never go out of style. I usually mix up a vat on our back patio about once a month to fill requests for everything from 10-foot custom drapes to bolts of linen for pretty pillows, […]

Handcrafted Patterned Wooden Kitchen Boards

One of the main things I am excited to share on this blog is a peek behind the scenes at my creative process. This is the first post in a series of design stories about some of the products I create exclusively for my retail avenue, Tribe.    The Bracelet Handle Serving Board From my […]

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