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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy something I saw on Instagram?

Yes and no. We carry limited quantities of one-of-a-kind items, so contact us directly if you are interested in a specific piece or would like to source something custom. If it’s in stock, we can ship it to you. Join our email list, shop our retail website, or follow us on Instagram to have the earliest access to new collections.

Do you have a store I can visit?

You can shop in person at our Atlanta showroom or at Sign up for emails or follow us on Instagram to get details on pop-up events and the launch of any future retail spaces. 

How does Tribe access ethically sourced products?

We use travel and technology to partner with artisans worldwide and ensure goods are purchased at a fair price. We commission heritage crafts directly from our artisans in order to support their communities and honor the original processes that are embedded in their culture. We also frequently collaborate with local makers to design and create new, handcrafted goods.

Can I hire you for personal interior design & styling?

We primarily provide product sourcing, design, and styling services for professionals in the trade, but will accept a limited number of individual custom projects. Email us to apply for our services and secure a spot on our waiting list.  

When is your next Tribe pop up shop?

Follow us on Instagram or get on our email list for all the latest updates on Story Sales or to find local opportunities to shop Tribe products. To request a pop up shop at your retail location or event, email

Where can I shop your design collaborations?

Our exclusive design collaborations can be shopped at,, and