what is tribe?

Tribe is a crafted and curated collection of statement-making decor and accessories for the modern bohemian. My goal is to inspire you to build a meaningful space that hints at adventure and fosters creativity. I chose the name Tribe as a reminder of my personal heritage, which many of our products draw upon, and to honor the numerous other communities where so many incredible artistic methods originated. 

We can’t get enough of handmade blankets and vintage baskets.


Our favorite color is indigo.

We never get tired of pom poms and tassels.

Our rugs are either vintage or made from recycled materials.

We partner with both local makers and international artisans. 

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Westside Market Midtown
Showroom #320 
1530 Ellsworth Ind. Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Westside Market Toco Hill 
Showroom #401
2943 N Druid Hills Rd. Suite C 
Atlanta, GA 30329

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We are far from perfect, but please know that responsible business practices are always on our mind as we strive to make better choices every day. We do our best to ensure that artists are paid fairly and that we respect the rich cultures that our products represent. 

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